Higher Education

Higher Education

With over ten years experience in the tertiary sector and continuing involvement in teaching at the University and TAFE levels, Access Academix is able to provide a range of innovative products tailored for local conditions.

Mentorship of Honours and Postgraduate Students

Forcible redundancy, ill health and ever increasing workloads sometimes result in reduced supervision of students.

Access Academix can help by providing:

    Direct Supervision of students during their candidature
    Direct Supervision of students during their “write up”
    Advice, help and proof reading of the thesis
    Advice, help and proof reading of papers
    Providing ‘writing skills’ seminars for students
    ‘Presentation skills’ seminars for students.

Lectures, Teaching Sessions, Teaching Packages 

    Provision of lectures and teaching sessions in the biological sciences
    Development of teaching packages
    Development of distance education (DE) teaching packages
    Development of DE courses
    Preparation of ‘virtual’ learning tools such as virtual laboratories and virtual
     scientific equipment (scenario and script writing only not computer
     programming aspects).


    Development of assessment tools
    Direct assessment of students
    Development of special assessment procedures
    Examination of Honours and Postgraduate theses.


    Development of teaching and assessment documentation
    Instructional Design
    Policy development
    Course Materials
    DE Materials
    Development of innovative virtual courses and virtual laboratories

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