Dr Geoff Crawford is an experienced R&D scientist with a track record of bringing discoveries to a commercial reality and provides consultancy services in this area.

Geoff has developed three immunological products in conjunction with Silenus/AMRAD that were developed into commercial products:


Rheumatoid Factor Removal Reagent
Enzyme Protective Agent (for horseradish peroxidase conjugated
antibodies), and
Enzyme Protective Agent II (a completely new formulation).

The following services are available:

Review of documentation relating to the product
Development of stability testing regimes and evaluation of data
Microbiological assessment and overview of sterility procedures
Proof reading of package inserts
Development of content for sales brochures and ideas for marketing
Development of a training program and provision of training for sales staff
and customers as required.

Confidentiality agreements will be entered into and interstate travel is fine.