Expert witnesses are often required for court cases, especially civil law cases. 

Dr Geoff Crawford is a consultant microbiologist who is experienced in the preparation of comprehensive expert witness reports in the broad areas of:

    Slips and falls on biological matter such as slime, lichen and moss
    Legionnaire’s disease, sexually transmitted infections, hepatitis viruses
    Food intoxication and poisoning
    Site inspections where infection or contamination is suspected of having occurred
    Possible or probable sources of infection, disease or illness
    Disease transmission and the interrelationships between humans, animals, insects and other life forms
    Munchausen’s by Proxy cases involving repeated infections
    Behaviour of microbes especially in relation to claims of negligence
    Interpretation of laboratory results pertaining to microbiology, immunology, serology (blood tests),
mycology (fungal and yeast infections), parasitology, virology (viruses)
    Pathology procedures, quality control, standard operating procedures and Good laboratory practice (GLP)
    Good manufacturing practice (GMP) in relationship to microbial control, microbial testing and sterility of products
    Standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Access Academix are not consultant laboratories but can give advice regarding relevant laboratories to conduct microbiological testing.